5 Unexpected Uses For Treadmills

When you think of exercising on a treadmill, running, jogging or walking will spring to mind. Here we reveal 5 unexpected uses for treadmills. Treadmill exercises that can inject some extra fun in to your workout; from crab crawling, to reverse mountain climbing, these are great for a full body challenge.

The Pull Up

Lay down directly on the treadmill with your feet flat on the sideboards and your hands on the centre support bar above. Using this bar, pull yourself upwards until your nose touches the top unit of the treadmill. Then slowly lower yourself back down until your arms are fully straight. A surprising and effective way to train your biceps on a treadmill.


Position yourself in the standard plank position: your shoulders in line with your hips so that your back is straight and your legs are fully extended. You may want to use a box so that you are level with your treadmill. Begin walking on the treadmill with your hands at a speed of 1kph. This exercise works your shoulder muscles, your core muscles and glutes.

Backwards Uphill Walking

Sometimes called "retro walking" this exercise is simple but highly effective, especially on an incline. Set the treadmill on a low speed and raise the incline level, then start walking backwards on the treadmill. After some practice, set the machine at a higher speed and try running backwards. This exercise is a great way to build up your calve strength and it has been know to help to alleviate back pain as it opens your spine's facet joints.

Reverse Mountain Climber

A core exercise that may look a little strange but is both tough and fun. Again, position yourself in the plank position but this time with your feet on the treadmill and your hands on the floor. At a speed of 1kph begin to walk on the treadmill, driving your knees in towards your body. Whilst primarily concentrating on the abdominals, this exercise also works the leg, shoulder and arm muscles.

Crab Crawl

It might look a re-enactment of a scene from The Exorcist but "Crab Crawling" builds endurance in the triceps and improves strength in the legs. With your feet flat on the ground and your hands positioned behind you on the treadmill, begin to walk using your hands. Aim to keep your hands under your shoulders and your hips lifted whilst walking to help stabilise the upper body.