The 7 Best Fitness Training Videos On Youtube

The internet is awash with fitness training videos. We've watched our fair share; the good, the great and the decidedly not so great. There's a never ending black hole of fitness videos on Youtube. We've compiled a list of what we think are the 7 best fitness training videos or channels on YouTube to save you the trouble of falling down that hole.

1. Channel: BeFIT

This channel focuses solely on workout routines. It has a range of genres and workouts. This means you will probably find something that you like whether it's yoga routines or weight training. Jillian Michaels, personal trainer to the stars has a series on there and so does Jane Fonda. There are both short and full length workouts ranging from 2 to 40 minutes.

Michaels' series 30 Day Shred is hard work but very effective. Take a look.

2. Channel: POPSUGAR Fitness

A fun, female focused magazine style YouTube channel. If you're after recipes, workouts and celeb scoops this is for you. Their One-Minute Fitness Challenge series is great and features some short but sweet exercises that you can fit in quickly.

If you have a JTX Fitness cross trainer this Tricks & Tips video will help re-energize your workout.

3. Channel: Fitness Blender

This is a simple and fresh channel. It demonstrates a range of exercises and stretches for different purposes. They are effective and well explained. There is something to be said for a straight forward and to the point work out video.

This better posture video is helpful for when you've been sat in the office all day.

4. Channel: DietHealth

An offshoot from this channel is for all abilities. There are 'how to' videos, short workout routines and some recipes. We particularly like the section that nicely demonstrates individual exercises for specific areas of the body.

The World's Fastest Workout is what caught our attention. If you want to squeeze in a 5 minute, high intensity workout at home it's perfect.

5. Channel: Blogilates

Cassey Ho is an award winning fitness instructor. She's peppy and upbeat and you're going to either love her or hate her. Her speciality is taking you on a quick but intense pilates routine in time with pop classics from the likes of Carly Ray Jepson and One Direction. Her positivity and enthusiasm get you through workouts that she makes look easy, but are definitely not.

This squat challenge is our favourite.

6. Channel: MaxFitnessClub

MaxFitnessClub covers intense boot camps, short exercise demos and Steve and Bonnie's day to day life. If you are after hard and effective training, they are for you. We love their sometimes obscure and unconventional take on exercise.

Take a look at Steve's Crazy Extreme Treadmill Workout and give it a go if you dare. As fitness training videos go, it's a tough one.

7. Channel: JTX Fitness

Yep. We couldn't finish the list without mentioning ourselves. Our videos are packed with helpful hints, effective workout routines and focused exercise tutorials. Simon, our fitness advisor and personal trainer, takes you through them all. They're made to help you get the most from yourself and your equipment.

Check out our latest circuit training routine. There are more videos to come in the next couple of months, so stay tuned.

They're our choices for the best YouTube fitness training videos. Let us know if we missed out any of your favourites in the comments section below.