Funny Treadmill Videos: 7 Movies With Humorous Treadmill Scenes

We've all seen the funny treadmill "fails" on YouTube  but what about Hollywood's own treadmill scenes. Here are 7 funny treadmill videos:

1. First up its Sean William Scott who tries to outdo his former gym teacher in Mr. Woodcock. Admit it, you secretly have a race with the gym goer next to you too:

2. Will Ferrell's rendition of "My Humps" whilst training makes this an unforgettable treadmill scene:

3. Everyone enjoys running along to the beat of their favourite tunes. Even Brad Pitt does (perhaps a little too much) in this side splitting clip:

4. A sugary snack can often be tempting after the first few minutes on a treadmill. The urge proves too much for Jeff Golblum in The Switch:

5. Trying to attract someone by suddenly increasing your treadmill speed is something we've all tried at least once. Here is Jill Scott's attempt in Baggage Claim:

6. Our favourite monsters Mike and Sully compete in the gym to become the best "Scarer" with hysterical consequences:

7. All though this is not a treadmill we just had to include this one in our list. It is never a good idea to use fitness equipment that has settings in another language as Bill Murray proves:

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