Every Body Is Amazing

The human body does so much that we don't think about. Here are some fun facts about your body to impress your friends.

Bone Is Stronger Than Steel

It's stronger weight for weight if it was condensed to an equal weight to its steel counterpart. However, bone is actually very light and only makes up 1/6 of an adults body weight.

You Lose Muscle Quicker Than You Gain It

Muscle atrophies at double the rate in which it is obtained. This is great motivation to keep your exercise up.

Women Lose Fat Slower Than Men

Men have more lean muscle tissue which burns more calories than fat. Women have a higher level of essential fat. These genetics imply men lose weight quicker than women.

High IQ= More Dreams

body is amazing-Dreams

It has been scientifically proven that the higher your IQ the more you dream. The average person will have about 7 dreams a night.

Your Ears And Nose Never Stop Growing

Some think this is due to your skin losing elasticity and the force of gravity taking effect. Others think it’s because cartilage never stops growing whereas bones and muscle do. It’s unclear why but it's true of both men and women.

Tongue Prints Are As Unique As A Fingerprint

It’s not just our fingerprints that are individual to us. Each tongue has its own set of defining factors. There is even a 3D tongue image database. It’s just a bit harder to pick up a tongue print than a finger print.

You're Born With Over 300 Bones

This number decreases to 206 bones by adulthood. They don’t just disappear though. Bones fuse together and become stronger as we grow.

You Are Stronger Than You Think

We only use a fraction of our muscle capacity in day to day life. The stories of people lifting cars off babies are not as unfathomable as you might presume. Your strength is limited so as to stop you from damaging your tendons and muscles. But, adrenaline allows for increased strength in short bursts.

Exercise Speeds Up The Healing Process

body is amazing-plaster

It boosts immune function which produces anti-inflammatory effects. Exercise also increases blood flow which increases the delivery of oxygen which produces more collagen. Collagen is the stuff that helps to heal cuts and scrapes. Definitely talk to your doctor first though as exercise can also put more strain on your body.

Senses Can Overlap

There is a neurological condition called synaesthesia that muddles up your senses. This means some people can see music or hear colours.

The human body is amazing as proven by this quick list of interesting facts. That's why it should be taken care of. Ensuring you are healthy and fit is key to taking care of yourself and your body.

Photo Credits: www.flickr.com- planetchopstick, Daniel Morris