Run To The Beat- Improve Your Endurance By 15%

If you run to the beat your workout will be more intense and more effective. Running with music has been proven to improve endurance by 15 percent. It helps you to sustain your pace and will help you get the best out of yourself.

'Run To The Beat' is a 10K event that has it's own soundtrack as you run it. With DJ's dotted around the course, music is blared through speakers to keep you motivated.

If you don't want a busy race but still want to run to some inspiring tunes, we've put together a 10K playlist to help you tear through your run. Run quicker, further and for longer with the help of these tracks. Featuring some of the sunny hits of the summer and lasting for an hour put your headphones in and get ready to go the distance...

Running 10 kilometers is no mean feat. Try to run to the beat of the music; it will work as a metronome to keep your pace on track. The high beats per minute (BPM) of each of these songs will keep your speed constant and in check.

The BPM of a track is important. The amount of beats per minute can dictate the pace you run at. If you find your optimum running speed in relation to the BPM of a song, you can create your own playlist ideal for your pace. is a tool that tells you the BPM of any song as well as the pace per KM that each song helps you run at.

Find out the BPM of each song in our playlist in the track listing below:

Alive- Chase & Status 118 BPM

Daydreamer- Bipolar Sunshine 108 BPM

Peanut Butter Jelly- Galantis 128 BPM

LA Calling- Crystal Fighters 136 BPM

Wolf and I- Oh Land 135 BPM

Bad Girls- M.I.A 147 BPM

The Next Storm- Frank Turner 143 BPM

Ritual Union- Little Dragon 144 BPM

Aint Got Far To Go- Jess Glynne 144 BPM

Impossible- LION BABE 146 BPM

Ooh La La- Faces 148 BPM

Paper Planes- M.I.A 172 BPM

Changing- Sigma ft. Paloma Faith 179 BPM

Rattlesnake- St Vincent 110 BPM

Puzzle Pieces- Saint Motel 114 BPM

Hurricane- Halsey 120 BPM

Heartbeats- The Knife 88 BPM

run to the beat headphones

Whether you follow our playlist, make your own or take part in 'Run To The Beat', good luck! With the help of a killer playlist you should be running harder and faster than ever before! Be sure to share some of your favourite running songs in the comments below to inspire some fellow runners.

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