Treadmill Exercises For Thighs

These thigh exercises can be done using a treadmill to break up your regular running schedule. They will help to increase the strength and tone of your thighs. These exercises for thighs can be adapted depending on your goal. If you would like to get slimmer or more toned thighs try doing lots of quick repetitions. If you want to increase the power and size of your thigh muscles try adding weights with less repetitions. This could be a rucksack or hand held weights.

Thigh Exercises Using A Treadmill Instructions:

10 Minute Hill Run:

Select the top incline level start with a light jog. After one minute increase the speed to a sprint for 15 – 20 seconds. Then return to a jog. Every minute there after increase the speed to a sprint. This will really improve your general fitness and burn calories fast.

Moving Side Lunges:

This exercise will help improve the strength, tone and flexibility of the groin muscle. Stand on the treadmill and turn to the side. Start the machine slowly and side step to stay in position. Turn round after 1 minute to ensure you workout both legs. Now incorporate a lunge with each step. Keep your back straight and keep a steady rhythm throughout the exercise.

Treadmill Bob-Sleigh Run:

Turn off the treadmill. Stand on the treadmill and grip the handles. Now lean forwards and move your legs to drive the treadmill belt as fast as possible. This is hard work so try 10 second sprints to begin with. Rest for 20 to 30 seconds between each sprint and repeat 6 times. This is one of the best exercises for thighs.

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