Cycling Stretches: Exercise Bike

Whether you ride competitively, train on an air bike use an indoor racer bike or an upright bike these cycling stretches are important. Warming up properly before you exercise will reduce the likelihood of injury and help you to work out more effectively. Static stretches at the end of the workout, when you are still warm, will also make your muscles more flexible and help them to recover.

Instructions For Cycling Stretches

Standing Quad Stretch:

This is also a great test of your balance. Bring your right foot up to your bottom and hold it there with your right hand for 15 seconds. Release your right foot and change to your left. This is a simple stretch but it's really important to get it right and do it for a long enough length of time. Make sure you keep your knees together and slightly bend your standing knee. For an increased stretch push you hips forward.

Kneeling Quad Stretch:

Ideally use an exercise ball for this stretch but you can also hold your foot in the right position. Kneel on the floor and then move your left foot in front of you. Fold your other foot up behind your bottom and push your hips forward again to increase the stretch. Hold for 15 seconds and then release.

Front and Side Leg Swings:

Hold on to something steady and swing one leg at a time. These help to loosen up the hip flexor muscles and groin area. Try to keep your hips level and still throughout the exercises.

The Ankle Squat Sit:

A great exercise for stretching and strengthening ankles, lower back, calves, hips and the achilles. Stand with your legs shoulder width apart. Then squat with your bottom as low as possible whilst keeping your heels on the floor.

The Lunge and Reach:

These cycling stretches are great for your hip flexor muscles, groin and hamstrings.

Hamstring Stretch

Lay on the floor and lift your leg as high as it will go in the air. You can hold this stretch using static objects like your exercise bike or a door frame as a prop.