Lower Abdominals Exercise: Scissor Lift

This lower abdominals exercise is great if you want to tone or flatten your stomach. It can also reduce lower back pain by increasing the strength of your core.

Lower Abdominals Exercise Scissor Lift Instructions:

Start by finding a comfortable bit of carpet or a mat with plenty of room to stretch out. Put your arms straight out with the palms facing down. Press your lower back into the floor and engage your abdominal muscles.

Lift one leg at a time, in a controlled way, up to a vertical position and then return to the floor. Repeat for about 30 seconds and then rest before starting again if you still have the energy. For quicker results try this lower abdominals exercise on a vibration plate with a large workout area.

If your vibration plate has no mat a towel or cut-up yoga mat can provide a little extra comfort. Start off with a lower power setting (eg 30 hz) for 30 seconds. You can place your hands underneath your glutes for a more comfortable option. Then increase the power rating and length of your workout as your lower abdominals get stronger.

Scissor Lift Benefits:

  • Builds muscle strength
  • Speeds up metabolism