Leg Toning Exercises on a Vibration Plate

Lunges are an effective form of exercise for sculpting and toning the calves as well as the glutes. Lunges are ideal exercises to include in your warm up period as it will stretch the main muscles used in leg based exercises.

This exercise can be performed dynamically or statically either on the spot or on a vibration plate for quicker results.

Lunge Instructions:

Start the exercise by placing one foot in the center of the vibration plate and stepping back with the other foot planting it firmly on the ground. Keep the front knee directly above the ankle and squeeze the quad muscles.

With shoulders back, head up and hips facing the front, imagine you are trying to push your foot through the plate. You will feel this exercise working your in the hamstrings, quads, glutes and calves.

Remember to switch legs and repeat the lunges. To make the lunges even more challenging you can include weights to work your arms and legs simultaneously.

Benefits of Lunges:

  • A unilateral exercise that will improve your balance.

  • Works the hip flexor muscles which will improve your flexibility.

  • Helps to define the glutes and calves but also other muscle areas like the abdominals.