Vibration Plate Exercises: Quadricep Stretch

In this video we demonstrate how to perform quadricep stretches using a vibration plate.

The quadriceps stretch is not only good for strengthening the muscles in the upper leg but it will also improve blood circulation and help to prevent common knee injuries. It also increases flexibility and can help reduce lower back pain.

Quadricep Stretches Instructions:

Before starting place the soft accessory mat on the vibration plate to provide extra comfort.

Begin by getting into the correct position, with one shin on the vibration plate, ensuring that your foot overhangs at the rear of the plate. Then place the other foot out in front with your knee bent at a 90 degree angle. Place you hands on your hips and tense your stomach. Gently and smoothly push your pelvis forwards and your heel down.

Stop when you start to feel the stretch in your hips. Feeling the stretch, you should hold this position for 10 seconds. Repeat this stretch two more times before returning to your starting position. Switch legs and repeat the same process. Throughout the quadricep stretches you should maintain a good posture with a straight upper body and back.

It is important to stretch both legs equally and not to overstretch the quadriceps. You should be able to feel the stretch along the muscles but it should not cause you pain.

This stretch is ideal for your warm up routine prior to doing any leg based exercise.