Which Exercise Bike Programs To Use For Your Goals

Make the most out of your exercise bike by using the pre-set programs to lose weight and shape up. Our personal trainer shows you four of his personal favourite programs as well as the manual settings on the JTX Cyclo-5 Exercise Bike.

Using the manual settings on the exercise bike allows for complete control of your workout so you can adjust it according to your fitness goals. The manual setting is great if you want to do a steady exercise at the same resistance and pace, perhaps as a warm up prior to your workout. The in-built exercise bike programs will add variety to your exercise bike routine as it will automatically change the resistance as you pedal.

Using both the exercise bike programs and the manual settings we show you a great 30 minute exercise bike workout split into five different sections:

5 Minute Warm-up:

The first section is a 5 minute warm up at a low pace and low resistance. This will help increase the blood flow and temperature of the muscles so they will react quicker during the workout.

5 Minute Increase:

Second is another 5 minutes in which you gradually increase the pace and resistance.

10 Minute Interval Training:

Each minute of this section you will increase as well as decrease your pace and resistance. This is an example of high intensity interval training (HIIT) which is an extremely efficient way to burn calories.

5 Minute Reduce:

After the high intensity interval training you want to gradually reduce your pace and resistance back down to a more comfortable level.

5 Minute Cool Down:

To finish off the 30 minute exercise bike session, reduce the resistance level and your pace right down similarly to the warm up section at the start. This cool down period is an important part of your workout as it gradually brings the heart rate back down and returns blood to other parts of the body.

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