How To Do Abdominal Crunches On A Vibration Plate

As well as defining and building your core muscles abdominal crunches will also help to improve core balance and posture. Performing these abdominal crunches on a vibration plate will increase the effectiveness and intensity of your exercise.

Strengthening your core muscles and, in particular your abs is an important workout to do. We use these muscles constantly in our day to day lives. Even just sitting upright demands the use of the core muscles.

It is important to carry out the exercise properly to avoid injury and for it to be at it’s most effective.

Instructions for Abdominal Crunches:

Place the soft accessory mat on the vibration plate and lie down with your back on the vibration plate. Make sure your legs are bent in the air at a 90 degree angle.

Place your hands behind your head for support. Keep your elbows back and crunch your upper body towards your legs in a smooth movement tensing your abs.

It is important not to pull with your arms. Also be sure that your hips and lower back remain in contact with the plate.

To vary the routine and change the difficulty you can choose to pulse and hold the exercise.

As a part of your vibration plate routine this exercise should help tone and define your abs and help with inch loss around your waist and hip area. Abdominal crunches can be performed on a vibration plate as demonstrated here, but, they can also be done on the floor. Either way is effective when you are trying to target the core muscles.