Core Workout: Vibration Plate And Exercise Ball

Our personal trainer has designed a new core workout that uses an exercise ball and a vibration plate. The workout will help you to tone up and improve your strength.

These three different exercises will really maximise the use of your core muscles.

Core Workout Instructions:

1. Shoulder Bridge

This exercise is ideal for improving your core stability and upper body strength. To begin place your ball on the floor and get into the push up position. Put your tip toes onto the ball and place your hands onto the vibration plate. Hold your body up in this press up position with your back straight and your arms straight.

The idea of the shoulder bridge is to keep yourself as stable as possible. By doing this you’re interacting with your core muscles. To start with do the exercise for 30 seconds at 30 hertz and increase the time you perform it, gradually, as you improve.

2. Squat Thrust

A perfect exercise for improving your core strength, the squat thrust begins in a similar position to the shoulder bridge. But, this time once you get into position with your hands on the plate, place your shins on the exercise ball, not your toes. Proceed to tuck your knees into your chest, keeping the ball under your shins. Push back out to your starting position and repeat.

Use the squat thrust towards the end of your workout routine. Start off by doing it for 30 seconds at 30 hertz and increase the time spent doing it as you improve.

3. The Plank (advanced version)

This is performed in the opposite position to the previous two exercises. Your feet should be placed on the base of the machine and your forearms on the ball. You will be in a plank position facing away from the plate. Again, using the core muscles and major muscle groups keep as still as possible.

The plank is a good, tough, exercise to complete at the end of your workout. As with the other exercises, perform this for 30 seconds at 30 hertz and increase the time as you improve.