How To Tone Arms and Back: Bent Over Pull On A Vibration Plate

The bent over pull targets the muscle groups to tone arms and back. This exercise is a great method for strength training. It will also help to build muscle in the legs and improve stability.

It should be performed on a vibration plate whilst using static power straps.

Bent Over Pull Instructions:

Start off by facing the vibration plate and standing with your toes close to the machine. Your knees should be slightly bent throughout this exercise.

Using the static power straps pull upwards on the straps and push your chest out. Pull your elbows backwards to a 90 degree angle and squeeze your shoulder blades together.

You should use your upper and middle back muscles to pull your arms backwards. All the way through this exercise ensure that you maintain neutral spine alignment and that you keep your shoulders down. Maintain a static position for the duration of this exercise. You should hold the bent over pull position for 30 seconds to begin with. Your vibration plate should be set to 30 hertz.

This exercise will target the upper back as well as the arms.

Performing the bent over pull can work well as part of your daily exercise routine. It will help to increase your upper body strength and should tone arms, back and shoulders.