How To Do A Bicep Curl On A Vibration Plate

The bicep curl is a weight training staple. As well as strength training the biceps and your upper body this exercise will also work your lower body by challenging your thighs and legs. There are many variations of the exercise, the method shown in the video above using a vibration plate and static power straps is simple and effective.

Bicep Curl Instructions:

Stand in front of the vibration plate so that your toes are just under the edge of the machine. Hold the static power straps tightly, at waist height, with your back and wrists kept straight. The straps should be taught with tension and your knees should be slightly bent.

Imagine performing a curl and pull your forearms upwards. This will activate the muscles in your arms, especially the biceps and forearms. All of the effort exerted during this exercise should come from the biceps. You must therefore keep a neutral spine and keep your shoulders down. Keep your elbows tucked in and square at your sides for the most effective technique.

You should feel tension in the anterior deltoids, biceps and forearms.

Some variations of doing a bicep curl include:

  • Changing the position of your hands in the static power straps, changing focus to different muscle groups.
  • Switching over to the resistance bands and performing a dynamic version of the bicep curl.
  • Using weights such as barbells or dumbbells instead of the power straps.