How to do a Shoulder Press on a Vibration Plate

The shoulder press is a brilliant exercise for forearm, shoulder strength and even certain bones. It is a simple exercise that you can do on a vibration plate and is very effective in strengthening your upper body. It is important to perform the exercise correctly, please follow our step by step instructions to ensure that you get the most from your exercise.

Instructions for Shoulder Press:

To begin with stand a comfortable distance away from the vibration plate with your feet just slightly more than shoulder-width apart. Then bend down to place your hands at shoulder width apart on the vibration plate. Slightly bend your knees and ensure you keep a neutral spine so as not to strain your body.

The movement that occurs through your body should come as a result of bending at the elbow. This will lower your body towards the plate. Make sure you don’t lower yourself too far and keep slow and controlled in your movement. Proceed to push yourself back up to your starting position and repeat these movements. Through performing this repeated press up type move your core, shoulders, chest and arms will all be targeted. Your upper body and shoulder strength will increase and become more toned over time as you perfect this exercise.

Doing exercise on a vibration plate increases the effectiveness of your workout. This translates into quicker results helping you to efficiently reach your health and fitness goals.