How To Do An Adductor Stretch On A Vibration Plate

The adductor stretch will target the group of muscles on the inside of the thigh and groin and help to improve the range of movement in your joints. Like many other stretches this exercise will increase blood circulation causing a boost in energy levels. It is great as part of a warm up routine, it is very important that this stretch is performed correctly.

Instructions for Adductor Stretch:

To begin with stand sideways on to the vibration plate and place your inside foot to the back of the plate. Slowly lean into the outside leg whilst keeping the inside leg straight. It is important to make sure that your bended knee does not extend beyond the toes.

You will feel the stretch really pulling at your inner thigh. The adductor muscles are powerful and are an easy thing to overstretch. It is key to warm up these muscles before conducting your workout so this doesn’t happen. It is especially important to stretch them out if you are taking part in competitive sports. Adductor strains are a common complaint among those who are constantly physically active, for example athletes who play football, hockey and tennis.

To vary the stretch you can twist the pelvis in towards the vibration plate. Make sure to switch legs so as to ensure an equal stretch. This stretch should be held for around 30 seconds each time.