How To Do Push Ups On A Vibration Plate

Push Ups are effective upper body exercises that work the back, shoulders, chest and forearms. This exercise will strengthen the muscles as well as tone them, giving you improved muscle definition. Push ups can be done on the floor or on a vibration plate for a tougher workout and faster results.

Benefits of Push Ups:

Push ups are greatly beneficial to your health and fitness level because they:

  • Increase your metabolic rate which can aid weight loss.
  • Help promote bone density, reducing the risk of bone diseases.
  • Work several areas at once.

Push Up Instructions:

Begin the push up by kneeling down and placing both hands on the base of the vibration plate, with your fingers pointing inwards. With your hands shoulder width apart and your back straight, tense your abs.

Next, slowly bend your elbows to perform the basic push up movement. The push up can be modified for more of a challenge by moving your feet further back and raising them off the ground. This means that your muscles will have to work even harder than before to maintain stability and balance.

Do as many push-ups as you can in 30 seconds on a low vibration setting. Overtime try to increase the time, vibration level and the number of push ups to keep building muscle strength. You should feel your chest, shoulders and triceps working.

Remember to maintain strong abs and a neutral spine throughout the push up exercises.

Once you are comfortable doing this exercise you can take it to the next level by including a Swiss ball. Balance your feet on top of the Swiss ball whilst performing the press up on the vibration plate. This will make it more challenging for your body to remain stable and balanced which will require further muscle engagement.