How To Stretch Your Hamstrings On A Vibration Plate

The hamstring stretch is a good way to relieve tension built up after long periods of sitting. This stretch improves flexibility and gives your joints a better range of movement. It can be done on either a vibration plate or on the floor.

Hamstring Stretch Instructions:

Take a wide stance position on the vibration plate and hold the hand rails at the top of the machine. Keep your legs straight with soft knees and tilt your pelvis up and back.

With a neutral back and bending from the hips allow your upper torso to drop as far as possible. As you hold the stretch it will start to wear off. When this happens bend a little further and repeat.

This stretch can be used as part of your warm up and warm down routine. It will help you avoid injury and increase blood flow. This hamstring stretch also works well as a relaxation exercise.

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