How To Work Lower Abdominals On A Vibration Plate

Strengthen and tone your lower abdominals with this vibration plate exercise. This will improve your core stability and can also help to reduce pain in the lower back. It is perfect for rehabilitation as well as being great as part of your daily exercise routine. You can perform this exercise on the floor, or, on a vibration plate for maximum results.

Instructions for Lower Abdominals Exercise:

To begin with, place the soft accessory mat on the vibration plate. Proceed to get into the classic plank position.

Place your elbows flexed on the plate and extend your legs straight out behind you. Keep your feet together. Throughout this exercise your abs, glutes and hamstrings should be held tense.

With your back straight and your neck aligned imagine gently pulling the plate towards you.

Hold this position for 30 seconds to begin with. Increase the time of your exercise as your strength increases.

For an easier version of this lower abdominals exercise rest your knees on the floor. Your lower abs, glutes and hamstrings will be targeted no matter which variation of the exercise you perform.