How To Work Your Lateral Abdominals On A Vibration Plate

This exercise will work your lateral abdominals, helping to improve posture and slim your waist. Whilst toning your lateral abdominal, this exercise will also strengthen your arms. It can be performed either on the floor, or on a vibration plate. Doing it on a vibration plate will maximise the effects it has on your body.

Instructions for Lateral Abdominals Exercise:

Start off by getting into the side plank position. Proceed to place one forearm on the vibration plate, extend your legs out in front of you and stack your feet, one on top of the other. Keep your head, torso and legs all in line with one another.

Push your shoulders down and your hips up to create tension in your lateral abs. Make sure you do not rock forwards. Really engage your core and maintain a strong pose to get the most from your exercise.

Alternate which side of your body you perform the exercise on to ensure you work your whole body, equally.

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