Arm Massage On A Vibration Plate

An upper arm massage is a simple yet effective exercise that you can do on the vibration plate. By massaging the upper arm you will improve circulation to the area as well as reduce stiffness and aches. It is important to massage your muscles, especially if you are very physically active, as it will help speed up recovery in your muscles as well improve your overall health and fitness.

Upper Arm Massage Instructions:

Firstly, if you have a foam mat place it down in front of your vibration plate for extra comfort.

Begin the upper arm massage by first lying down on your side close to the edge of the vibration plate. Then, curl one of your arms around your stomach and bend your hips so that they follow the contour of the vibration plate.

It is recommended that for this massage you select a low intensity for a short period of time. The settings can be adjusted conveniently from the remote control located just above the vibration plate base.

Once you have selected your desired settings start the vibration plate and bring your other arm across so that your forearm relaxes down onto the surface of the vibration plate.

Make sure that you are close enough to the vibration plate to ensure that you do not over stretch your shoulder.

Remember to repeat the same process on the opposite arm as well.

Upper Arm Massage Benefits:

It is important to massage your muscles from time to time as massage can:

  • Reduce stress
  • Relive tension built up in the muscles
  • Prevent injuries like muscle strains
  • Improve circulation

Massage is particularly effective if you are recovering from an muscle injury because it speeds ups the recovery process.