How To Relax Tight Shoulder And Neck Muscles

The shoulder and neck relaxer is ideal for tight shoulders and neck. They can bare a lot of strain throughout day to day activities, it is important that they are relaxed from time to time. This exercise will help to alleviate stress and muscles tension. It is performed on a vibration plate to maximise the effects on your body.

Instructions for Shoulder And Neck Relaxer:

To begin with kneel down a comfortable distance in front of the vibration plate so you are facing it. You should be able to place your arms out straight in front of you with your hands on the vibration plate and move backwards with your hips so that your torso gently sinks down. Ease into the shoulder and neck relaxer stretch by keeping your shoulders and neck relaxed. This should engage the stretch in your shoulders, at this point you should really start to feel the effects.

Let your head dip and sink your torso further as the stretch relaxes your upper body. Remember not to force your bottom to move any closer to your heels than is comfortable for you. This exercise should be held for around 30 seconds and definitely no more than 90 seconds.

The shoulder and neck relaxer is a stretch that is very similar to the child’s pose in yoga. It should be a relaxing exercise and is perfect as a part of your warm down after a workout, or, just to help ease any tension you may be carrying day to day.