Vibration Plate Stretch: Pectoral Stretch

The pectoral stretch is great for reversing the stress and strain you put on your back from sitting at a desk or driving for long periods of time. It’s this day to day strain that we put on our muscles that causes lasting damage to the body.

Follow these instructions to ensure that you get the perfect technique for this exercise.

Vibration Plate Pectoral Stretch Instructions:

Sit on the floor in front of the vibration plate with your lower back resting against it. Extend your arms behind you and hold on to the back edges of the vibration plate with your hands.

Push your shoulders down and lean slightly forwards. You will be able to feel the stretch across your chest and shoulders. Keep a straight back and keep your chin up ensuring a good posture throughout the duration of the exercise.

At all times try to keep your abdominals tight, this will make sure you get the maximum stretch as intended by the exercise.

This is a simple stretch to perform and the benefits of it are vast. It can be effective as part of your cool down after a workout.

This vibration plate stretch was demonstrated on the powerful JTX Fitness Vibration Plate JTX Pro-10.

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