Vibration Plate Stretches: How To Do A Shoulder Stretch

The shoulder stretch should be an important element to your workout. Stretching will increase shoulder flexibility which not only makes your muscles stronger but reduces the pressure on the joints and bones when lifting heavy objects. This exercise is performed on a vibration plate to allow for maximum effectiveness.

Shoulder Stretch Instructions:

For this exercise you will need to attach the static power straps to the side of the machine that you are using. To begin the exercise take a standing position with your back to the vibration plate. Grasp one of the static power straps and turn your shoulder outwards so that your palm is facing away from your body.

Lean forwards slightly pulling on the strap, as your arm extends backwards and you feel the stretch in your shoulder use your other arm to pull gently on your head in the opposite direction.

This will heighten the stretch in your shoulder muscles. Throughout the exercise make sure you maintain strong abs and a neutral back. This will help you get the most from your exercise.

This is a stretch for your anterior deltoid muscles. Ensure that you stretch both shoulders by switching the arm holding the static power strap.