How to do an Upper Body Relaxer on a Vibration Plate

The upper body relaxer is perfect for relieving shoulder and neck tension. This is a great exercise for winding down after you have been sat, hunched over a desk all day at work. It is performed on a vibration plate.

If you are at all worried about performing this exercise make sure you ask the advice of a medical professional.

One of the causes of back pain is through a person leading a sedentary lifestyle. A lot of us lead this sort of life. Whether it’s due to being sat at a desk, or, slouched watching the television our bodies can start complaining. If you do the exercise correctly the upper body relaxer will help to reverse some of those gripes.

Upper Body Relaxer Instructions:

Get into position by sitting on the floor with your legs bent. You should be facing away from the vibration plate for this exercise. Lean back against and into the machine, placing your elbows back, onto the vibration plate. Feel free to move around until you find a comfy position to stay in. This will allow for maximum relaxation.

With this exercise you are targeting the trapezius, latissimus dorsi, rhomboids and posterior deltoids.

The upper body relaxer should not be a strain on your body in any way. It is designed to loosen and relax your upper body and should be quite soothing. If you have any questions about performing this exercise please feel free to contact one of our qualified personal trainers here at JTX Fitness.