How To Do Lower Back Relaxers On A Vibration Plate


The lower back massage is an exercise that helps alleviate tension in the lower back muscles. This will help with the recovery of muscles damaged or strained by lifting heavy objects and having a poor posture. It is performed on a vibration plate which maximises the effectiveness of the exercise.

Instructions for the Lower Back Massage:

To begin with sit in front of the vibration plate, your body facing away from the plate.

Place your hands on the floor beside you and rest your lower back against the vibration plate.

Adjust your position for comfort. If you feel it is necessary use a gym towel between your back and the machine to ensure you are content in your exercise.

Hold the exercise for a minimum of 30 seconds and a maximum of 90 seconds to get the full effect of it.

This exercise is great as a recovery method and can be used as part of your cool down after your workout.

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This lower back massage was demonstrated on the powerful JTX Fitness Vibration Plate JTX Pro-50.