Advanced Vibration Training Exercises

This series of advanced vibration training exercises will push you to reach your full potential on your vibration plate. It is a full body workout that lasts for 17 and a half minutes and consists of 3 different sections. For all of the exercises that are performed in this routine your vibration plate should be set at high power and 35 Hz.

Vibration Training Section 1

Push-Ups With Knee Tucks Using Fitness Ball (45 seconds, 35 Hz)

In the push-up position with your hands at shoulder width apart place your feet and ankles on top of the fitness ball locking it into place. Lower as you usually would but as you come up from the push-up roll the ball using your knees in towards your chest. Proceed to then extend back out again and repeat for the 45 seconds.

Scissors (45 seconds, 35 Hz)

Lie on the vibration plate with your hands placed slightly underneath your bottom. Put your legs straight out in front of you, then raise one leg at a time in towards your chest and back down again. The tip for this exercise is to keep a nice smooth rhythm as you’re alternating legs.

Ski Sit Using Ball (45 seconds, 35 Hz)

Position yourself in a normal squat position. Place the exercise ball in between your knees and position your legs as close to 90 degrees as you can. Really push your knees together throughout the 45 seconds. Adding in the exercise ball enhances the muscles that you are using when in the squat position.

Star Jumps (45 seconds)

Star jumps are a great way to loosen off the muscles and add a cardio element to this routine.

After completing the 4 exercises of section 1 rest for 45 seconds.

Vibration Training Section 2

Push-Ups With Tiptoes On Ball (45 seconds, 35 Hz)

This is a great way to work your core muscles as well as your upper body. Put your hands shoulder width apart on the vibration plate, place your feet together on tiptoes onto the exercise ball. By using your core strength try to keep the ball as balanced as possible whilst performing your push-ups.

Leg Raises With Ball (45 seconds, 35 Hz)

Lie flat on the vibration plate with your hands slightly under your bottom. Position the exercise ball in between your legs. Raise your legs so they are at 90 degrees with your waist then lower back to your starting position. Repeat for 45 seconds. The ball adds difficulty to the exercise as it acts as a weight as well as you having to use your leg muscles to keep the ball nicely gripped in between your legs.

Jumping Squats (45 seconds, 35 Hz)

Pushing off from the floor with both legs, jump and land on the vibration and go straight into a squat. As you rise up from the squat jump back off onto the floor. Again as you land go straight back down into the squat position and repeat.

Star Jumps (45 seconds)

These will help in easing off your muscles after the challenging squats. Try and keep up with that high repetition level.

Rest for 45 seconds and then repeat section 1 and section 2 again.

Vibration Training Section 3

Plank Extensions (1 minute, 35 Hz)

Get yourself into the normal push-up position with your hands shoulder width apart and your feet directly behind you. Lift your left leg parallel to your hips with your right arm parallel to your shoulders. Then switch over so your right leg comes up with your left arm. This really stretches out all your core muscles and develops strength in your upper body.

Between these two plank exercises rest for 30 seconds.

The Plank (1 minute, 35 Hz)

This is a tough way to finish your workout forcing all of your major muscle groups to work hard. Try to keep your body in as straight of a line as is possible and to keep your bum in the air.

This completes the advanced vibration training workout. This routine is hard work so make sure to cool down properly once finished to avoid any injuries.

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