Intermediate Vibration Or Power Plate Exercises

In this video we demonstrate these Power Plate exercises on the JTX Fitness Pro-50 Vibration Plate

This 14 minute series of vibration or power plate exercises is perfect for those moving on to an intermediate level. Once you’ve got to grips with the basics of your vibration plate give this routine a go to help improve on your strength, cardio and muscle toning. Each exercise in this programme should last for 35 seconds and should be performed at 35 Hz on high power.

Power Plate Exercises : Stage 1

The first stage of this work out consists of 4 exercises: Push ups with knee tucks, leg raises, a static ski sit and star jumps.

Push Ups With Knee Tucks (35 Seconds, 35 Hz)

Get into the classic push up position with your hands shoulder width apart on the vibration plate. As you push up and away from the plate alternate each knee into your chest with each repetition.

Leg Raises (35 Seconds, 35 Hz)

Place your hands slightly underneath your bottom as you lay on the vibration plate. Keeping your legs straight, raise your legs so they are at 90 degrees with your waist and then lower them back to your starting position. Repeat this for the 35 seconds.

Ski Sit (35 Seconds, 35 Hz)

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart on the vibration plate. Sit down into the plate with your knees bent to 90 degrees. Try and keep your back straight as much as possible as you hold the exercise for the 35 seconds.

Star Jumps (35 Seconds)

These 35 seconds of star jumps are a great way to loosen off the muscles as well as adding some cardio input into the workout.

This completes the first stage of the workout. Rest for 40 seconds and then proceed with stage 2.

Power Plate Exercises : Stage 2

The second stage of the workout again consists of 4 exercises: Bicep push ups, spidermans, slow squats to ankles, and star jumps.

Bicep Push Ups (35 Seconds, 35 Hz)

Place your hands shoulder width apart on the vibration plate. This time place your palms facing in towards the vibration plate. Slowly lower yourself so your chest touches the plate and then push yourself back up. Do as many repetitions as you can during the 35 seconds.

Spidermans (35 Seconds, 35 Hz)

In the push up position with your hands shoulder width apart bring your left knee out towards your left elbow, then your right knee out towards your right elbow. With the second repetition try and touch your left knee to your opposite right elbow, then your right knee to your opposite left elbow. Repeat for the 35 seconds.

Slow Squats To Ankles (35 Seconds, 35 Hz)

Stand on the vibration plate, facing outwards with your feet shoulder width apart. Turn your toes out and lower yourself very slowly until your bum is as close to your ankles as possible, before slowly pushing yourself back up. Repeat for the 35 seconds.

Star Jumps (35 Seconds)

Repeat the star jumps trying to complete as many as possible within the 35 seconds.

Once completed rest for 40 seconds before repeating stage 1 and stage 2 again.

Power Plate Exercises : Stage 3

The third and final stage of this workout will consist of two different plank exercise.

Plank (35 Seconds, 35 Hz)

A great exercise to finish any workout the plank uses all major muscle groups. Try to keep your body in as much of a straight line as possible.

Reverse Plank Onto Swiss Ball (35 Seconds, 35 Hz)

Place your toes on the vibration plate and keep your upper body off of the floor by having your elbows and forearms on the swiss ball. Try and keep yourself as still and as balanced as possible. This will engage a lot more muscles, especially your core.

Repeat stage 3 again with no rest period in between.

This completes the workout. Once finished ensure you cool down properly to make sure you avoid any injuries.

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