Running Tips For Your First 10K

You enjoy regular running and have taken part in training sessions, but now you’ve been invited to take part in a 10K race. You're going to need to take on board some running tips.

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As soon as the shock wears off and your heart rate slows down you can begin to think about what your strategy should be for such an endeavour. When you are looking for the best way to do things it’s a good idea to turn to the experts. If you are faced with the prospect of a long race and are unsure how to motivate yourself then here are some pointers to follow:

Train For An Eight Day Week

If you really want to improve your running skills and your speed sufficiently to cope with a 10K race, why not spread your training regime over eight days instead of seven. When you work to an eight day week schedule it means that you run and train for seven days and you take the eighth day off. One of the reasons that some runners suffer burn out during the run up to a big race is that they fail to schedule in rest days – and you know how the saying goes, if you fail to plan then you plan to fail. Knowing that at the end of the week you can take a day off from training means that you can relax and enjoy the excitement of the approaching race.

Keep A Log

It is all too easy to lose track of where you are in your training regime. Keeping a log of what you do every day, and how you might improve on it in the next training session, allows you to review your progress in the run up to the big day. A log of your training sessions serves as a positive reminder that during the training period your stamina and your running speeds have improved.

Run In Different Environments

Take a break now and then from running on concrete and take yourself somewhere a little less even. When you run in the country, along woodland and hilly tracks it helps to flex your muscles to a greater extent. Running on different kinds of surfaces increases the runner’s flexibility, an important factor when you are in training for a 10K race. Another option for your running environment is inside. Treadmills are great tools when training for a distance race. They are kind to your knees and keep you on track with time and distance controls. Check out our range of treadmills here.

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Distance Not Speed

If you have ever read the story of the fox and the hare you’ll remember that it isn’t always speed that completes the race. One of the ways to increase your stamina and your chances of completing the race is to try running just that bit further every day for a week. Once you have increased the distance you cover during your running time, you can work on the speed and this will make you a stronger runner.

Join A Club

Joining a running club when you are in training for a big race is a great idea. Running with other people can help improve your technique and you will find yourself among like minded people. It can really help to share training tips with other runners and unlike your non-running friends they won’t get tired of chats about speed, distance and stamina.

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