Vibration Plate Massage And Relaxation Exercises

After a long day in the office sat at your desk or stood on your feet, it's great to make some time to wind down and relax. Rather than that long, hot bath, you might want to consider jumping on a vibration plate machine instead. Known for their weight loss and toning properties, they can also be used to soothe muscles and give you a lovely deep relaxation. We've created some easy to follow vibration plate massage videos for you to try.

Upper Body Relaxer

This exercise will relax the upper body. Sitting on the floor facing away from the machine and resting your elbows on the plate, raise the upper body so it isn’t in contact with the machine. Keep the neck and back straight and pull the shoulders back.

Back Relaxer

This vibration plate relaxation exercise will focus the vibrations through the back, hip and thigh areas causing them to relax. Sitting in the centre of the plate with the legs apart allow the upper body to relax forward.

And if you don't own a vibration plate yet, check out our range for your home and find one that's best suited to you.