8 Easy Ways to Lose Weight in Your Daily Routine

Finding the time to lose weight can be a challenge, particularly when work and family keep us extra busy. Embarking on a strict new routine may feel overwhelming. Instead, let’s explore some easy ways to lose weight that will fit into a busy schedule.

It is important to note, these are easy changes to make — but they are not quick fixes. They won’t lead to rapid weight loss. Rather, these simple lifestyle changes could help you to manage your weight in the long-term. Over time, lots of small changes really do add up.

Easy Ways to Lose Weight in the Long-term

Here are eight easy ways to lose weight by making changes to your daily routine:

1) Set Realistic Goals

Easy Ways to Lose Weight - Set Realistic Goals

Losing weight starts with having the right mindset. Try this; close your eyes and think about losing weight and how that will make you feel.

After that, think about the first thing you can do to help you achieve this. Perhaps it’s reducing portion size. Or going for three runs each week. Set yourself realistic challenges so you don't become disheartened when you can't do everything.

Rather than having a weight loss goal that overwhelms you, break it down. Work out how much weight you want to lose each week or month. Write down your goals and keep a note of your progress.

2) Start the Day Right

Easy Ways to Lose Weight - Start the Day Right

An easy way to lose weight is by starting the day right. If you have a nutritious, healthy breakfast, you’ll be less likely to reach for unhealthy snacks.

Opt for a good breakfast of eggs, fresh fruits, veggies, or whole grain cereals. Ditch the bacon sandwiches, they aren't helping.

3) Walk More

Easy Ways to Lose Weight - Walk More

The more you move, the more calories you burn. If you don’t have time to fit in multiple workouts each week, walking more is an easy way to lose weight.

Get up a little earlier and give yourself extra time to walk to work, or a bus stop further away. If you drive, can you park further away from your destination?

If you can't change your commute, take a shorter lunch break a few times a week. Go for a brisk 20 minute walk, even if that's just walking laps around the building.

4) Use the Stairs

Easy Ways to Lose Weight - Use the Stairs

Consistently using the stairs is an easy way to lose weight. Make it a rule that you’ll always choose the stairs rather than the lift or escalator.

If you don’t have stairs at work, just take some five minute walking breaks. Getting up from your desk and moving can really help. This activity may sound insignificant but it soon adds up and has the potential to make a difference.

5) Housework Workout

Easy Ways to Lose Weight - Housework Workout

Chores at home might be a little dull. So, stop thinking of them as routine and think of them as a great way to stay active and moving.

Turning your housework into a workout is an easy way to lose weight. Stick on some music and dance while you tidy. Do some lunges while you hoover, and stretch while you dust.

6) Cook Healthy Food

Easy Ways to Lose Weight - Cook Healthy Food

Making a habit of cooking healthy food is an easy way to lose weight over time. Prepare healthy food instead of greasy, salty foods or other processed fast foods. And consider your portion size.

The shopping list is the important place to start. Find a couple of healthy meal ideas you like. Buy everything you need to make them for the week ahead. And don't buy anything else — if it's not in the house it's much harder to slip.

7) Choose Active Pursuits

Easy Ways to Lose Weight - Choose Active Pursuits

Swap that quality family time watching films, playing board games or eating out. Instead, get them all involved with more active pursuits.

Try gentle hiking, swimming, or even camping if you're feeling more adventurous. Active pursuits are an enjoyable way to lose weight and bond with your family.

8) Invest in Fitness Equipment

Easy Ways to Lose Weight - Invest in Fitness Equipment

If you can, why not invest in a piece of home fitness equipment? It's so much easier to hop on a treadmill or a cross trainer for 15 minutes when it's in your home. And it’s probably not as expensive as you may think.

Put your favourite playlist on and it soon becomes a pleasurable activity — you'll feel great afterwards too. Likewise, fitness balls, dumbbells or a fun exercise DVD are great alternatives if you can't stretch to a bigger piece of equipment.

Adopting these simple changes will help you move steadily towards your long-term weight loss goals. Small steps and realistic targets are the best ways to make progress you can sustain.

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