8 Unusual Uses For Vibration Plates

There are lots of uses for vibration plates; they are great for weight loss, toning and inch loss. That’s why they are so popular. They can also be extremely versatile:

1. Ease Constipation

According to a study conducted by The Association of Coloproctology of Great Britain and Ireland vibration and oscillation help to ease constipation. After 2 weeks of whole body vibration therapy patients complaining of constipation claimed symptoms to be reduced. Vibration training should reduce muscle spasms and increase circulation.

2. Perfecting Your Robot Voice

Whether you want to sing along to Styx or impersonate WALL-E your robot voice will soon be on point. By using a vibration plate in the right way you can ensure your voice shakes along with everything else on your body. Great.

3. Panning For Gold

We’ve all been there, after a long day mining you have a pile of sand and dirt waiting to be sieved. You want to find out how big your haul is. Instead of exerting all of your effort in shaking that pan, hop on your vibration plate and let it do the work for you. Easy.

4. Shake A Martini

If you take your Martini James Bond style, a vibration plate can do the shaking for you. It can create the perfect consistency and temperature for your vodka, vermouth and olive creation. It will finish your cocktail off to perfection.

5. Playing Musical Instruments

Playing and listening to music can be great for your health. It is supposed to relieve stress and keep your mind sharp. Marracas, rain sticks, a tambourine; all of them can be popped on top of a vibration plate for you to enjoy. What could be more relaxing?

6. Twerk Training

Do you want to twerk like Miley? Of course you do. You can get ahead of the game by getting your training in on an oscillation plate. The movement of the plate will move your bottom at a rate that would put Miley herself to shame.

7. Shake It Off

Taylor Swift said it best. The players are going to play, the haters are going to hate and you’re just going to shake it off. You can do this in many different forms. Mentally shaking it off by rising above your troubles. Physically shaking it off via the medium of dance like T-Swiz herself. Or, another option is shaking it off on a vibration plate.

8. Stretching & Relaxing Muscles

Normally used to increase the intensity of a workout, vibration plates can also help you unwind. The following poses will relax and massage your muscles.