Home Gym Design Inspiration

JTX Fitness sells gym equipment to homes throughout the UK. Designing the perfect gym environment will help you to achieve your fitness goals faster.

This blog includes how to get the basics of home gym design right, home gym highlights from Instagram and some stunning photography from our latest photo shoot.

The Basics Of Home Gym Design

Before you think about wall colours and cushions there 5 key things you need to consider for your gym:

Space- Before you jump in feet first and buy treadmills and bikes galore think about the realistic limitations of the space you are using. Draw out a to scale plan to make sure your equipment fits. Remember to leave room for getting off the machines.

Ventilation- Make sure there is plenty of ventilation; natural or otherwise. Large windows are ideal but fans or open doors can also be effective. Overheating during a work out is not good.

Distraction- If you don't have a beautiful view to look out on, find something to distract you. A TV or pictures on the wall are always a good idea. Music is essential for staying motivated so a stereo and speakers are a great idea.

Access- Have you got electrical outlets available in your space? These are a necessity for most home gym equipment. Is it easy to get the equipment into the room of your choice? Gym equipment is heavy, a ground floor home gym is by far the easiest to set up.

Environment- If you have a gym set up in your garage or shed the damp environment could effect your equipment. You can buy treadmill heaters which help prevent moisture and damp. They will make sure the motors in your equipment run at their most efficient.

Once you've got the basics right you can move on to thinking about the fun design elements you can incorporate in your home gym.

Instagram Home Gym Highlights

Instagram is the ultimate platform to share photos and ideas. You can find inspiration for anything from fashion, food, fitness, interiors and home gym design. Our account has just gone live. It's the perfect way to share photos from our latest photo shoot.

The clean open space and large glass windows of this home make for a spot on work out area. Lots of Instagram users have some great posts that you can get inspired by. Previously we've had a look at what home gym ideas Pinterest has to offer for home gym design and now it's time to have a flick through Instagram.

Jonathan Adler

He is all about the personal touches that warm up a home. He's a potter and designer who will make you want to invest in lots of cushions, vases and cups.

Interior Design Inspiration Jonathan Adler

Incorporate some of these ideas to make your home gym or workout corner that bit more inviting. It's the little touches that make an area yours. If your space doesn't look and feel like a place you want to spend time in you won't want to workout there.

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Wonderful Rooms

This one errs more on the side of aspirational. Sharing the most beautiful interiors in the world Wonderful Rooms will get your creative juices flowing.

Home Gym Design wonderful rooms

Most of these homes and interior designs would cost you millions of pounds. If you don't have that kind of money there are definitely some ideas you can use; whether it be colour palettes or examples of how to use space effectively.

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Rachel Brathen

This yoga focused Instagram account shows you that a workout space doesn't need to be anything fancy. Just a yoga mat in a nice space is all Rachel Brathen needs at home.

Home Gym Design Inspiration Yoga girl

Her simple yoga area is something that can easily be recreated in your living room or bedroom corner. As long as you have what you need and your space is comfortable your session has no excuse not to be effective.

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Rebekah Borucki

This fitness pro is currently in the process of designing and building her own yoga studio. Perfect to steal ideas from, you can follow her design process and learn a few tips along the way.

Home Gym Design bexlife

A busy businesswoman and mum she will inspire you to get cracking with your home gym.

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Luke Ehlis

He has created quite the garage renovation. Bodybuilder and strongman competitor Ehlis knows what he's doing. Weights galore, interior design isn't at the forefront of this design but practicality definitely is.

Home gym design ehlis

With everything he needs to train in one place, this committed athlete shows you that the kit you buy is just as important as the design of your home gym.

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JTX Fitness

Speaking of the importance of home gym equipment...

JTX Fitness Equipment Home Gym Design

Our snaps show how combining high quality kit with clear open space makes for an appealing home gym lay out. If your equipment is sleek and pleasing to the eye that's half your battle won. Make sure you keep this in mind when thinking up your design.

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We've got plenty more home gym design ideas to come that will hopefully inspire you to make your workout space the best it can be. Keep an eye out for us on Instagram and give us a follow!

Images: Instagram