Cross Trainer Workout Video: Cardio and Weight Loss

This cross trainer workout video will get you fit in no time. Simon, our personal trainer, demonstrates the workout. Follow along on a good quality cross trainer, like the JTX Tri-Fit Incline Cross Trainer. To get the most from your workout, look for a machine with a stride length longer than 16 inches and a range of resistance options.

A few things to remember when using a cross trainer keep your back straight, your hands at shoulder height on the handle bars and really concentrate on keeping those heels down on the pedals. This will create a good posture ensuring you get the most from your session.

30 Minute Cross Trainer – Cardio Workout

This workout lasts 30 minutes and is designed for an intermediate level. Using a cross trainer is a great way to build your stamina and improve your overall fitness.

This continuous workout is made up of 5 stages, each stage lasting for 6 minutes.

Stage 1

This is the warm up section. You need to be training at 40 percent of your maximum effort level. The cross trainer should be set to a resistance level of 4.

Stage 2

You need to increase your pace up to 60 percent of your maximum effort level during this stage. Also raise that resistance up to level 8.

Stage 3

A mix of high and low intensity at resistance level 12 will take you through this stage. Each minute of stage 3 is going to consist of 50 seconds of low intensity 40% effort level. Then the last 10 seconds of each minute put your hands on the fixed handle bars and at your max effort level really drive those legs and sprint.

Stage 4

Reduce the resistance back down to level 8.This will be a continuous 6 minutes at a 60 % effort level.

Stage 5

The final stage is the cool down, bring the resistance level back down to level 4 and your effort level at 40 percent.

That completes the 30 minute cross trainer video cardio session. For more handy tips and exercise routines please take a look at our full range of cross trainer workouts. If you would like further advice on any exercises please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help. Browse our home cross trainer range.