5k Training Plan For Beginners

A 5K training plan is key when you are training for your first 5K race. Here are our 8 top tips to get you over that finish line:

5K Training Plan Tips

1. You don’t have to run every single day.

Make sure you put together a realistic weekly plan where you can schedule runs 2 to 3 times a week.

2. Combine running and walking together.

During your training runs if you start to feel worn out continue your session but just do it walking. This will still help to improve your cardiovascular fitness.

3. Variation is important.

Keep yourself motivated. Do your runs outside or do them inside on the treadmill. Instead of doing 3 running sessions per week you can still work on your cardio by swimming, cycling or using the cross trainer.

4. Stretch.

Stretching is key before your training runs as well as before your race. These stretches should be a mixture of dynamic stretches. You can see a detailed video of all of these stretches on our site.

5. Do not forget to warm up before your race.

Do a 2-3 minute run and your dynamic stretches. This will help you prepare for the race and prevent those little injuries.

6. Don’t eat too much before the race.

A simple and small meal 2-3 hours before the race is all you need. It will give you enough energy to get you through your race.

7. Pace your race.

Don’t get carried away with the excitement and adrenaline of the day. Begin your race with a nice fast walk, then get yourself into your race pace. When you hit the 3 mile mark really sprint for that finish line.

8. Relax.

Enjoy the race and soak up the atmosphere. Remember not to put any pressure on yourself to run a really quick time and try to smile through that finish line.

Good luck with your first 5K, remember these tips and it will all run smoothly. Don’t forget to take a look at our other videos to help you further with your training.