Treadmill Running Techniques

There are a range of different treadmill running techniques that you can incorporate into your training. These include Fartlek, Tempo, Interval and Recovery runs, but what do they mean? Read on as we explore the different running techniques in more detail.

Interval Runs

Interval training involves periods of high intensity work followed by short phases of rest. Interval running would look something like running at a faster pace for 30 seconds followed by 30 seconds of recovery. This is then repeated a certain number of times for a total amount of time.

Benefits to interval running include increased speed and endurance, training variation and significant calorie burn. Integrating intervals into your training is a great way to shave some minutes off your pace, which is ideal if you’re preparing for a race.

Recovery Runs

The recovery run is a short run completed at a slower pace, typically performed between 60-90 seconds slower than your average run. The purpose of this type of run is to aid with recovery after a hard workout.

Recovery runs restore and build torn muscles and tendons by increasing blood flow to these areas. It is a great way to heal and recover when you are training, ensuring you avoid plateau and continue to increase your running performance.

Tempo Runs

Frequently known as a lactate-threshold running, you would complete a tempo run by running at a pace that is faster than moderate. They typically last for around 20-30 minutes but you should be able hold the same pace for up to an hour.

Tempo runs are a great way to push your body to run at a more uncomfortable pace, allowing you to train harder and run faster for a longer stretch of time. This will in turn not only increase your cardiovascular endurance but also your mental stamina.

Fartlek Runs

Similar to interval training, Fartlek (meaning ‘Speed Play’ in Swedish) is a version of speed training. Whilst interval training features specific times of rest and work, Fartlek focuses on switching between fast and slow running in a more unstructured way.

For example, you might sprint past two trees and then walk to the next. Fartlek training allows you to mix different speeds and distances as much as you like, aiding you in increasing your speed and endurance.

Incorporating these running techniques into your training is a great way to improve your running ability, change up your training and ultimately keep smashing your fitness goals.

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