5 Home Workouts to Keep You Motivated

With the UK on lockdown, finding ways to stay active at home is more important than ever. And not just for the physical fitness benefits. Home workouts are a smart way to boost your mood and beat boredom when you’re self isolating.

Here are five free online workouts to help keep your fitness goals on track. Whether you have a treadmill, rower, cross trainer, exercise bike or kettlebells — we have a workout for you. Try one at home today and get those endorphins flowing:

1) Total Body Treadmill Workout

Staying energised can be tough when you’re stuck indoors. But if you have a home treadmill and 10 minutes to spare, you’ll feel full of energy after this total body treadmill workout.

Trainer, David Siik, shows you new treadmill moves, in this creative workout video. We’re a big fan of the side shuffle. It targets the inside of your quads like nothing else!

2) Break 7 Minutes for Your 2K Row

Have you been meaning to find time to improve your rowing performance? Well now’s your opportunity. Setting fitness targets is a great way to stay motivated during self isolation.

In this supportive rowing workout video, Dark Horse Rowing helps you break 7 minutes for your 2k row. Row along with him as he coaches you towards smashing your goals.

Looking for a new home rowing machine? The JTX Freedom Air Rower offers a smooth, stable rowing experience and could be just the ticket.

3) 20 Minute Cross Trainer HIIT Workout

Are you looking to lose weight and increase your cardiovascular fitness on your crosstrainer? If so, we have the perfect workout for you.

This 20 minute cross trainer HIIT workout by Dr Kevin Sarich, will put you through your paces, whatever your level. HIIT workouts are much easier to see through when you’re following along with a video to keep you motivated.

4) 30 Minute Cycling Workout Through 21 Tunnels

Getting a bit bored by the lack of scenery when training on your indoor racer bike? This 30 minute cycling workout by Garmin will transport you to scenic Italy.

A real visual treat, you’ll enjoy speeding through 21 tunnels in Italy. The soundtrack is upbeat, helping you to cycle harder and meet your fitness goals.

For fat burning and HIIT workouts, check out our 5 Best Indoor Cycling Videos blog post.

5) 20 Minute Kettlebell Workout

Looking for some new kettlebells moves to meet your fitness goals? The Body Coach, Joe Wicks is here to help.

Super simple — but intense and effective — we love Joe’s 20 minute kettlebell workout. Joe has put together a real variety of exercises, so you definitely won’t get bored. After 20 minutes you’ll feel uplifted and satisfyingly sweaty!

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