What's The Best Exercise To Lose Weight?

Our guide helps you to lose weight through exercise in the healthiest way. Scroll down to find out about the best exercises to lose weight on cross trainers, rowing machines treadmills and bikes.

How To Lose Weight On A Treadmill

How To Lose Weight On A Treadmill

It’s no secret that running will provide you with a great cardio workout. It also increases your stamina whilst strengthening a range of muscles.

If you run on a treadmill, this can offer even more health benefits. They offer all year round training regardless of the weather and provide a lower impact alternative to road running due to their shock absorption systems. JTX treadmills feature a range of workout programmes that are specifically designed for weight loss.

Running on a treadmill at an average speed of 6 minutes per kilometre for 30 minutes, a 185 pound (13.3 stone) person could burn over 400 calories. Increase your speed or mileage and that number will continue to rise.

This will contribute positively to your weight loss if you keep in a daily calorie deficit. To understand more about what a healthy calorie intake and deficit would be, we suggest using an app such as My Fitness Pal to keep track.

To burn even more calories on a treadmill in the same amount of time, HIIT training is the way forward. A recommended sprint interval workout would be:

  • 5 minutes of jogging to warm up.
  • 1 minute sprint intervals with 2 minutes of walking recovery in between.
  • Repeating the cycle 8 times.

Rowing Machine Workouts For Weight Loss

Rowing machine workouts provide the user with a great mix of cardio and strength training. Combining the two is the best option for maximum weight loss, making a rowing machine a great choice.

As well as providing the user with a full body workout, indoor rowing brings a convenient and reliable fitness option for use throughout the year. It has just as many health benefits as outdoor rowing but from the comfort of your own home.

Rowing machine computer consoles allow you to track metrics such as pace, distance, time and calories to ensure you are achieving your fitness and weight loss goals.

Choosing either a speed or an endurance workout on a rowing machine could see an individual burn a significant amount of calories:

  • For speed, look to row at a sprint pace for a smaller distance such as 100 or 150m with 30 seconds of rest and a minimum of 5 repetitions. This is extremely beneficial as it provides a high intensity workout whilst having a low impact on your body.
  • For endurance training on a rowing machine, row at a consistent pace of 24 - 30 strokes per minute for a full 30 minutes. Doing so will allow for a full body, cardio and strength workout which should burn between 350 - 400 for a 185 pound person.
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Exercise Bike Workouts For Weight Loss

Exercise Bike Workouts For Weight Loss

Compared to other types of cardio equipment, exercise bikes put less stress on your joints but still provide an excellent cardiovascular workout.

Indoor cycling targets all lower body muscles. If you’re working at a higher resistance level, these muscles are working harder to propel the bikes flywheel. This allows the user to experience a strength workout alongside cardio training.

Training on an upright exercise bike is ideal for weight loss as they feature a range of programmes such as interval, hill and fat burning. They also auto adjust the resistance to ensure you stay on track. Indoor cycling bikes have an infinite, manual resistance - combine changes to resistance and speed and this will provide you with a great format for interval training.

An example of an interval workout could be a 5 minute easy warm up followed by 30 second on and off sprinting intervals at a medium resistance setting. To transform your exercise bike into a smart bike, read our review of the best exercise bike apps.

Depending on the intensity of your workout, a 185 pound (13.3 stone) individual could be looking at burning up to 400 calories with an exercise bike workout. Therefore, it is another extremely effective way to lose weight when combined with a healthy diet and calorie deficit.

Cross Trainer Workouts For Weight Loss

Cross trainers offer a great low impact workout for the entire body. Using this machine can help you lose weight as well as improve your stamina and balance.

In order to use this machine most effectively for weight loss, we recommend:

  • Increasing your resistance every 3 minutes to train at a higher intensity.
  • Change back down to a lower intensity for 2 minutes
  • Repeat for around 20-30 minutes.
    • This will provide you with a fantastic interval workout. All JTX cross trainers feature an excellent range of programmes including weight loss and interval workouts.

      Much like an exercise bike, a cross trainer puts a lot less stress on your joints. It is a great alternative to the treadmill if you struggle with joint pain and injury as it significantly reduces weight bearing.

      Cross trainers can also target problem areas and strengthen your core. Training on an incline will engage your core and glutes as well as increasing calorie burn and improving cardiovascular health.

      Compared to other cardio machines, the cross trainer doesn’t necessarily burn the most amount of calories. However, a 185 pound person can still look to burn at least 300 calories from a high intensity 30 minute workout. Therefore it can still be a beneficial exercise to contribute to your healthy weight loss.

How To Lose Weight With No Equipment

How To Lose Weight With No Equipment

Although using a cardio machine is extremely beneficial in aiding your weight loss, it can also be achieved without one.

If you don’t have a treadmill, you can still incorporate running into your exercise routine by training outside. As well as providing an excellent aid to weight loss, running outside gives you a great opportunity to explore your local area and get some fresh air.

Body weight exercises are another great way to combine cardio and strength training. A bodyweight HIIT workout features cardio exercises such as burpees and high knees integrated with strength exercises such as push ups and squats. This is a great way to burn fat whilst also strengthening your muscles.

As well as exercise, diet is extremely important when you are looking to lose weight. Eating a healthy calorie-controlled diet that contains the right balance of macros and nutrients will contribute positively to your weight loss. To learn more about nutrition, take a look at the British Nutrition Foundation website.

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Summary: So, what is the best exercise to lose weight?

Performing HIIT workouts as well as endurance training will be extremely effective in reducing fat and losing weight. This can be done using a cardio machine or just through bodyweight exercises.

Combine exercise with a healthy diet and the correct calorie deficit and you will be able to lose weight. Whilst at the same time, improving your overall fitness.

Not only could you lose weight with our exercise suggestions but you’ll see improvements to your cardiovascular health, stamina and mental well-being. Be consistent and you’ll be well on your way to achieving a healthy active lifestyle!

As with any type of exercise, what works best for you and your fitness goals is the most important factor. To learn more about the benefits of each of our machines, read our fitness equipment buying guides:

Best Exercises For Losing Weight