How To Love Your Home Gym Again

Home gym

Is your relationship with your home gym on the rocks? Have you been neglecting your fitness equipment? Try out these tips to help get you motivated and reignite that lost fitness flame.

Seeing Is Believing

If your equipment is hidden away in a cramped room then you won't see it and you won't be reminded to use it. So set a nice space aside for your fitness machines in a bright, well ventilated room. Make sure that your equipment is always visible and ready to use.


Having a good exercise schedule allows you to dedicate time to using your machines regularly. So design a realistic 6 week programme that suits you and follow it religiously.

Good Tunes

Music is a great way to stay motivated and focused during exercise. Songs with a high BPM can encourage you to train harder and use equipment for longer. Modern fitness equipment usually comes with speakers that you can plug your audio devices into.

Make A Change

Treat yourself once in a while to some new fitness accessories. Simple and inexpensive additions like a Swiss ball or Kettlebell can make your gym sessions more exciting and effective. Making your workout more diverse is important to your fitness. Your body soon builds up the strength in just 6-8 weeks meaning the same exercises will not challenge your body anymore.

Circuit Training

This is a series of fast paced exercises that individually works each section of the body. Moving from machine to machine allows you to use all of your fitness equipment in one intense session. Not only that but you get a full body workout as well.

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